Good value!

Good value and honest, skilled mechanics. - Joshua D.

This shop simply can do it all!

I visited with them while in California and found that the entire team was fantastic and the vehicles they had both new and the classics simply blew me away. You never see such a diversification in abilities like that. Everywhere I looked there was a different type vehicle. Fleet, Truck, Cadillac, and the classics... dear GOD! They were gorgeous and in all states of repair which led me to the full body shop. This shop simply can do it all and they LOVE what they do. Can't say enough good things about them other than they wouldn't let me leave with any of the cars there. - Marion M.

They will be the only auto repair shop that I use!

I have had a long-term relationship with these folks and have been very happy with the service and attention I received. They did great work on both of the Hondas that I brought to them and now they are taking care of my Jaguar. It is because of their thorough checking that I was able to avoid a used car that would have ended up being nothing but trouble. I feel the rates are fair and they will probably be the only auto repair shop that I will use. - Mark D.

These guys are great.

These guys are great. Had something loose in my front end; I took the car to 4 different shops no one could figure out what it was. Walked in told them what was happening four hours later I was driving away with a great running car at a fair price. I live in Rialto now but will still take my car to A1. - T.M.

They match quality work with solid business practices.

I've used this shop many times over the past 4 or 5 years and I've been pleased every time. Two things that I look for in a quality auto repair shop are affordability and trust, of which these guys have both (in my opinion).

Affordability: It's hard to find a shop that's good and inexpensive. I know these guys aren't the cheapest, but they are affordable comparatively speaking. I feel their prices have been fair and appropriate for what I've had them do. On one occasion I was even pleasantly surprised at how low the cost was for the repair I had them complete.

Trust:  To me this is even more important than the cost; not that moneys not an issue, but if the shop isn't trustworthy, who knows what they'll have you paying for? In my experiences with them I believe they have treated my wife and me with respect and honesty. No unnecessary repairs or bait-and-switch tactics; they tell me what needs to be fixed and what doesn't need to be fixed.

Overall I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good auto repair shop with respectful employees. They match quality work with solid business practices; a combination that makes for a successful plan to obtain, and retain, customers. - Bob P.

Very reliable and will not cheat you!

Whenever I get my car fixed I always like to knock out some body work while I'm at it. I made a couple of appointments around the Upland/La Verne/Pomona to shop around a get some quotes but A-Foothill was the only place that was really helpful and was happy to both fix my engine and replace some aesthetic parts while they were at it. I have a BMW 318ti and it can get pricey and really annoying to order all the specialty parts. But this place was able to find some parts cheap through their connections and even though as others have noted, it was not the cheapest place, it wasn't the most expensive either. On top of it all, they are very reliable and will not cheat you! Which is something that is priceless as I have had to learn the hard way. - Devin A.

This shop does quality repair.

I am a big fan of A-Foothill automotive.  We were close to euthanizing our Kia Rondo because it was having all kinds of problems. We were told it would need a new engine. The repair folks at A-Foothill got creative an came up with a "let's try it" solution that has totally paid off and the car is running well. One of the things I like best about A-Foothill is the fact that Sean and Terry will explain things in great detail. My twenty-something daughter and I have learned alot about how cars work. This shop does quality repair and from what I have heard they pay their workers a very competitive wage. Satisfied workers do better work. Might be a tad bit more expensive but overall totally worth it! - Kimberly R.

The most honest repair shop I know.

A-Foothill Auto is one of the most honest repair shops I have ever known. I was first drawn here because they typically have anything from Bel-Airs, classic Corvettes, and Packards on their lifts, and if they are trusted to work on those treasured classics they can certainly work on my car. I took them my 440 Charger which was in shambles from my previous mechanic whose was selling my expensive parts and installing lower grade parts instead. I took my car to A-Foothill and Pat (owner) gave me an honest assessment of what it was going to take to get my car up and running. Pat did get my car up and running quickly after that and I have since sold the car but they continue to earn my business and I now send my parents here because of the shops integrity and honesty to their customers. - Nick N.

These guys are great!

A-Foothill Auto these guys are my go to mechanic! I've been coming here for 15 years! I run a service truck and have very little time to get the truck down for service! And sporadic! But these guys understand my needs and accommodate my needs greatly! I would highly recommend them! These guys are great! - Paul R.

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A-Foothill Auto Service

939 N Benson Ave
Upland, CA 91786

location small (909) 981-8210
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Weekdays:   7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturdays: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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