Rodents LIVE here too? You don't say!

unnamedWell it has been a few years since I've witnessed rodents damaging an automobile. However in these last couple of weeks boy have we seen rodent activity that will make you feel lucky. That is if you've never seen what damage these little critters can do.

Our 1st vehicle was a Nissan Sentra. Came in with a check engine light. We scanned the computer and found a code. Misfire cylinder #2. We opened the hood and voila! We found the  rodent equivalent to a rodents TAJ MAJAL piled on top of the engine was an impressive array of material.
Some from nature, and some from the hoods insulation. Seems this fella had it made. Well of course we had to document this wonder of construction & a massive residential condo on top of the engine. We sterilized the engine, replaced a damaged injector harness & sent our customer on his way. Thinking phew that's  pretty bad thinking that'll be it for awhile. WRONG!

Forward a couple of weeks later & yes you guessed it. Another Rodent Haven. This little fella made his bed in a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. Well
We had another check engine lite problem & chewed up wiring. We repaired the wiring under-hood. You could see chew marks on the wiring harness to the left side injector harness. Well that didn't seem to bad now did it?
Well after the repair, low & behold that's not all. We had a mirad of codes, cleared them & road tested the vehicle. No speedometer, no mileage change, no Air Conditioning. Traction lights on. Well we followed up & snooped over the vehicle and Bam there it was. Rodent pellets, debris inside both front kick panels inside the car. You could also see the carpet had chew marks from our little visitors. What ended up being simple just became way complicated.

How you say?

Hmmm let me count the ways. For starters the interior dash wiring harness was damaged. Hard to see damage to wiring harness & yes definitely no a heavenly type of repair. We had to order a wiring harness from Kia. Well that's pretty simple affair. Until you realize the vehicle is a fairly new model with navigation system integrated into the dash. This is no simple feat. Well we are an Auto Repair Shop. So hard or easy we seek to remedy our customers problem. We advised our customer to contact his insurance company for possible coverage. They did and insurance covered everything but a deductible. We received approval for the work. Found out the interior harness had to come from Korea. That no where in the United States could this harness be ordered. Even then we had to go thru special channels to get the Korean Auto Manufacture to order our badly needed harness. 2 weeks to a month to get this part.Then as our customers waited it was about 2 1/2 weeks later we get our beloved harness. Installation took 2 weeks. After all said & done we finally finished the dash area and no we did not find the lavishly living rodent. He just left his signature/calling card & didn't pay his bill for living in the TAJ MAJAL. Yes and sometimes RODENTS LIVE HERE TOO!



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